Sunday, November 11, 2012

What Goes On In A Doctor's Mind?

Doctors are very composed regardless of the situation they're in. Because their patients always come first, you would rarely find a doctor who talks about himself or herself. But do you ever wonder what goes on inside a doctor's mind? Well apart from probably wanting to work using the best stethoscope for doctors (similar to how nurses want to work using the best stethoscope for nurses), doctors also have other concerns that they're just not vocal about.

In 2010, Reader's Digest conducted a random survey among physicians in Canada. The survey revealed a variety of concerns. These include the following:

1. "Be Honest If You're Taking it or Not"

Truth be told, about 20% never take their medication as prescribed. However when asked by their physician, they would always say they are diligently taking it. Now this is one major concern for medical professionals because it is a critical factor in their profession.

2. "My Time is Precious"

Medical professionals are always on the go because a lot of people need their help. Because of such, any physician would surely want their patients to respect their time -- e.g. arrive on time for appointments, notify them when you'll be late or you can't make it, etc.

3. "We Are Not Mind Readers"

They are surely not mind readers, so if you don't speak up, they won't be able to accurately diagnose and help you. Most people are actually hesitant to totally reveal what they are feeling because they fear to hear bad news. Medical professionals would surely want you to tell them everything because this will make it easier for them to help you out.

4. "Come Back When You're Asked"

Any doctor surely would want their patients to come back when they are asked to. Most of the time, people think they don't need to see the doctor again especially if they feel a lot better. However the reality is, they are asked to come back because physicians want to be absolutely sure that they are better.

5. "Please Do Not Question My Judgment"

There are really some individuals who think they know better. Because of such, they typically end up in an argument with medical professionals. One should keep in mind that these medical professionals are the experts and they obviously know what they are doing.

As you can see, amidst their calmness and their smiles, a doctor also has some concerns they wish to voice out. Their major concerns are still in relation to their patients, and they're not about their personal interests. Even in terms of wanting top of the line medical equipment and gadgets, their top priority will always be the welfare of their patients.

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